PyLadies at PyCon US 2024

We are proud to share that there will be strong representation from PyLadies and our community members at PyCon US 2024. Don’t miss the talks and tutorials presented by PyLadies, and be sure to attend and check out the events and summits organized by PyLadies members worldwide. Read more →

Announcing: The Outstanding PyLady Award

Introducing: the Outstanding PyLady Award! Read more →

🎬 Share Your PyLadies Chapter at PyLadiesCon!

Hello amazing PyLadies! Read more →

PyLadiesCon - CFP Closed. A summary, and a Retrospective.

The CFP for the first PyLadiesCon has closed on September 17, 2023. On behalf of PyLadies organizers team, we’re grateful for the support from the community in helping us spread the news about our CFP, and also for everyone who submitted their proposals. Read more →

PyLadiesCon - Sponsorship Launch

Join us! Become a sponsor of the first ever Global PyLadies conference! Read more →

PyLadiesCon - CFP 外展套件

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PyLadiesCon - CFP 外展套件

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Announcement: CFP Extended

ANNOUNCEMENT: CFP Extended Read more →

PyLadiesCon - Thank You CfP Workshop Mentors

Over the last few weeks, we have organised 2 CfP workshops for new speakers. Thank you to all of you who signed up and attended. I hope to see your amazing proposal and talks at the PyLadies Conference. Read more →

PyLadiesCon - CFP Outreach Kit (Français)

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PyLadiesCon - CFP Outreach Kit (Español)

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PyLadiesCon - CFP Outreach Kit (Português)

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PyLadiesCon - CFP Outreach Kit (English)

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PyLadiesCon - CfP Workshop

PyLadiesCon - CfP Workshop Read more →

Announcement: CFP Launch

📢 Call for Paper Launch: PyLadiesCon - Share Your Insights with Us! Read more →

Announcement: PyLadies Conference

📢 Announcement: PyLadies Conference - Join Us! Read more →

Global Council Announcement

2020 was quite a complicated year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity has faced multiple unforeseen challenges, to tell the truth, in this modern era no one imagined having to experience something like what is happening. But we would also like to highlight that 2020 has given us a new perspective on how we see things, on everything we take for granted. This was the year we rediscovered the spirit of solidarity and community. Read more →

Announcing the Inaugural PyLadies Global Council

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Announcement for Registering PyLadies Members

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PyLadies Global Council Selection Process Voting Now Open!

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Help us decide our PyLadies Projects and PyLadies Global Council Selection Process!

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Important PyLadies Update

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EuroPython 2016, a first time participant's thoughts!

EuroPython wrapped up July 24th in Bilbao, Spain. As a first time participant I was thrilled to attend, speak, and represent the PSF as a member of the Board of Directors! Read more →

A PyLadies-packed PyCon 2015

Want to pack your PyCon schedule with PyLadies events? Here are all the details! Read more →

PyLadies at PyTennessee

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Donate to PyLadies @ PyCon 2015!

TL;DR: Donate to PyLadies for PyCon! Read more →

Fundraising for PyLadies for PyCon 2015

TL;DR: Donate to PyLadies for PyCon! Read more →

Austin Ladies Hack

PyLadies Austin hosted Austin’s first ever Ladies-focussed Hackathon - Austin Ladies Hack, from Aug 15th-17th, 2014. Read more →

PyLadies Values People

A caring community matters to us Read more →

PyLadiesATX event: What's a Web Framework? Python, Django, and more

From August 9-11, I led a 2-part, all-women workshop series on web frameworks & learning Django for PyLadiesATX. Read more →

Python is for everyone

We started PyLadies as a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python community. Read more →

The first Django Girls happened!

This is a story about turning 45 women into Django developers. Read more →

CfP: PyCon 2015

ZOMG It’s happening! It’s back! Read more →

Call for Blog Posts: Share Your Inspiring Stories

PyLadies wants to hear your inspiring stories about Python programming and Python community leadership. Read more →

Attend Google I/O with PyLadies!

Are you a PyLady who missed the lottery to attend Google I/O? Well, now is your chance! As a PyLady, you have an opportunity to buy one of 50 allotted tickets from Google for $300. Read more →

pip install pyladies

At PyCon this year, I had the pleasure of announcing pip install pyladies. Read more →

PyLadies @ PyCon 2014

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At PyCon 2014 - 2nd PyLadies Luncheon

Thanks to the generous support of the PSF, PyLadies will be having a luncheon for attendees who identify as women on the third day of the PyCon 2014 conference! Read more →

Contributing your first patch to Python: PyLadies office hours

PyLadies is proud to be working with the Python Software Foundation to support paid Python internships for women this summer through the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. Read more →

Get paid to contribute to Python this summer

GNOME OPW logo Read more →

PyLadies at PyCon 2014: tutorial spotlight

PyCon 2014 has a record-setting percentage of women speakers, at 33%, up from last year’s record-setting 20%. The talk schedule has been announced, and tutorial signups are open. Read more →

Fundraising for PyLadies for PyCon 2014

TL;DR: Donate to PyLadies for PyCon! Read more →

PyCon 2014: Lightning Talks Proposals Due October 15th!

For the first time at PyCon, you can submit a proposal to give a Lightning Talk! If you missed the earlier call for proposals for the longer talks, you still have a chance to present your beloved subject in front of a large audience. Read more →

PyCon 2014 Proposal Brainstorm Sessions!

When someone suggests you to submit a talk, tutorial, or poster to Pycon, sometimes, it feels like this: Read more →

Getting More Women to Submit Talk Proposals

Getting More Women to Submit Talk Proposals written by Celia La, for NYC Pyladies Read more →

PyCon 2014 Call for Proposals is open

The PyCon 2014 call for proposals is open, and we want to see talk submissions from you! Read more →

How to hook people on CS through Magic

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PyLadies @ PyCon - Join Us!

PyCon’s Opening Reception is less than a week away, are you excited? Read more →

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Rebase

Rebase is a downright scary concept. When the best way to explain how it works I’ve heard starts with thinking that you’re time-traveling back to before certain changes were ever introduced to a project, you probably should be afraid. We’ve all read enough science fiction to know what happens if you go back to the Age of the Dinosaurs and step on an ugly-looking bug. Read more →

Why PyLadies?

PyLadies is a group of women working on welcoming, encouraging and directly inviting women to join the Python community and to learn from each other. Read more →

PyLadies Lunch @ PyCon

This year, there is such an amazing line up of talks, tutorials, events, and sponsors at PyCon that we’re sure you don’t have enough planned. Us PyLadies have organized to host a lunch for women attending the conference who love Python, or who want to learn more about Python or PyLadies. Read more →

PyLadies Speak at PyCon!

PyCon talks were announced last week, and this year a record number of them are being given by women in the Python community, many of whom are PyLadies contributors! Congratulations to all the smart, accomplished women in the Python community who are helping to change the ratio at PyCon! Read more →

PyCon Proposal Brainstorm Session Aug 27th

[Thanks Lynn for putting this together!] Read more →

DjangoCon 2012: Pro Tips for those new to D.C.

[_This guest post is lifted straight from D.C. PyLady Katie’s wonderful blog! She will be writing a series of posts to help Djangonauts from all over feel at home in the U.S. capital come early September!_] Read more →

Government Fellowship Opportunity

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is hiring a group of 30 designers and developers (Python- and Wordpress-friendly) to improve internal operations and the way that we interact with the public. The CFPB is a US government agency. Read more →

SF PyLadies First Workshop

Ed. note: This post about the first San Francisco PyLadies chapter’s workshop is copied straight from Lynn’s personal blog (with Lynn’s generous permission – thanks!)] Read more →

SF PyLadies First Workshop

Ed. note: This post about the first San Francisco PyLadies chapter’s workshop is copied straight from Lynn’s personal blog (with Lynn’s generous permission – thanks!)] Read more →

Jessica McKellar to be Keynte speaker at DjangoCon Europe!

[Originally posted on the DjangoCon Europe blog. Thanks Jonas for letting us repost here! DjangoCon Europe 2012 will go from June 4-June 8 in Zurich, Switzerland.] Read more →

SF Study Group

Udacity is offering a free online intro to programming course starting Monday April 16th. Each week, videos will be posted online at the start of the week and homework will be due on the Tuesday of the following week. Read more →

Workshop Planning Session

On May 8, 2011, six of the PyLadies got together at Intelligentsia Coffee in Pasadena.  It was really great to see everyone!  Sadly Jess was out of town attending Google I/O, otherwise we would have had seven of us. Read more →

Welcome to mynt

For a quick overview of what mynt has to offer, give the quickstart guide a read. You can also find API reference style documentation on the docs page. If you run into any problems open an issue on GitHub. Lastly, if you have any questions or just want to chat, you can hop into our IRC channel on freenode, #mynt. Read more →

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner

Ed. note The most recent Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner was Python-themed, and hosted by Yelp. Many thanks to Lynn for letting us repost this article from her blog! Lynn is starting up the SF Chapter of PyLadies, so drop her a line if you’re interested in joining! Read more →

PyLadies in the News

The LA Weekly blog featured a few of the LA PyLadies in a recent post. The Open Hatchery highlights a nice example of the power of community collaboration and outreach (we can’t wait to meet Pam at PyCon!) Read more →

Get the Most out of your Conference-going Experience

As seen in our last newsletter: @kjam and @sandymahalo are pro conference attendees (and speakers!). Here they present advice for those who may be new to the world of tech conferences and other neck-beard-laden gatherings like SCALE10x, which is happening this entire weekend in Los Angeles. Read more →

Call for PyCon Applications and Sponsors

As previously mentioned, the PyLadies are working with the PSF to ensure that PyLadies who want to attend PyCon 2012 can do so.  To that end,we are accepting applications for grants to attend PyCon in Santa Clara, CA from March 7-15. Read more →

PyLadies at PyCon 2012

We’re happy to announce that with the help of the Python Software Foundation, PyLadies will be making an appearance at PyCon 2012! We will be exhibiting during the main portion of conference and will be on hand to help any other interested PyLadies in joining or starting up their own chapter. We will soon have details about grants to attend this upcoming PyCon, so stay tuned! Read more →

Recaps: October Hackathon, November Beginner's Workshop

Idealab in Pasadena played host to a PyLadies hackathon this past October. Our very own Sophia has posted some great photos of the event over at her own site, backCODE – check them out! Read more →

Djangsta Shirts - Extra Print Run!

If you were at DjangoCon you probably saw people wearing these, standing out magnificently amongst the sea of bright green. They were the cool people – the Djangstas, if you will. Read more →

Recap: PyLadies at DjangoCon 2011

Last week the PyLadies took Portland, Oregon by storm: after months of planning, brainstorming, planning, rehearsing, and even a bit of planning, we flew in en masse to DjangoCon 2011 for six action-packed days of tutorials, talks, code sprints, and raucous socializing with Django developers from all over the world. Read more →

Djangsta Shirts on Sale at DjangoCon

These “Djangsta” shirts premiered at DjangoCon to a rousing success and are selling out quickly! If you are coming to DjangoCon this year, find a PyLady and get one! Proceeds help PyLadies outreach efforts. Shirt logo was designed by xtine. Read more →

PyLadies Meetup at DjangoCon

All women at DjangoCon are invited to the PyLadies meetup, Wed night at DjangoCon US!  Thanks to Michelle Rowley and Eric Holscher (both of PDX Python) for organizing and planning the party. Read more →

DjangoCon Sponsorship Program

Announcing the results of the PyLadies' DjangoCon Sponsorship Program. Read more →

Mid-August News Bites

Mid-August – in France we’d be halfway through our nationally recognized four weeks of vacation, but here in Los Angeles we PyLadies have been as busy as ever, working hard to plan some big, big things! Read more →

Intro to Django at Mahalo

Last Saturday the PyLadies and the LA Django meetup group held an introductory Django Workshop, with generous amounts of support by Mahalo and Guided by Sandy and Katharine, two of the PyLadies' Djangologists extraordinaires, the morning tutorial covered the basics of setting up a Django web application, from database configuration to navigating the built-in admin interface. Read more →

Django Workshop and Hackathon

The PyLadies are continuing their summer series of hackathons with a Django-themed day on July 23rd, hosted by venue sponsor  Mahalo in Santa Monica. This time, we’re teaming up with the awesome  LA Django Meetup Group, who have valiantly supported our efforts to increase diversity by providing mentors like  Jacob and Jeff. Read more →

Call for Sponsorship

PyLadies needs your help getting women to DjangoCon.  There are women who could really benefit from the experience. Read more →

Recap: Hollywood Hackathon at Border Stylo

Last Saturday we held our first hackathon of the summer at the offices of Border Stylo in Hollywood, in partnership with the SoCal Python Interest Group (“SoCal Piggies”). We invited not only newcomers to Python programming, like those who attended the May Beginner’s Workshop, but also seasoned developers who came to hack away on their own projects – and who happily volunteered themselves to be mentors to those aforementioned n00bs. Read more →

Great turnout at the Python Ladies Night 3

We had around 14 people come and go throughout the night. It was a blast! We talked Python but also other things. Did you know that there are enough of us who ride scooters/motorcycles that we could have our very own PyLadies rally club? Read more →

Thank you, Python Software Foundation!

It’s true: Read more →

Python Ladies' Night 3

We’re looking forward to the upcoming Python Ladies' Night 3 tomorrow, starting at 9pm. Read more →

PyLadies Intro to Python Workshop

On Sunday, May 15, 2011, the PyLadies held an Intro to Python workshop at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena. Read more →

First Python Ladies' Night Recap

On April 16, 2011, a group of 5 local female Python developers got together for the first ever Python ladies' night. Read more →