Government Fellowship Opportunity

July 10, 2012 | Tag: » Events

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is hiring a group of 30 designers and developers (Python- and Wordpress-friendly) to improve internal operations and the way that we interact with the public. The CFPB is a US government agency.

They are offering a Design+Technology Fellowship: a two-year program for developers, graphic designers, and UX pros to help build a new government agency almost from the ground up.

Join us, and you will be given an opportunity to help create a dream technology environment for a new organization. In the process, you’ll improve the lives of millions of Americans. Maybe you’re just out of college and you are looking to sharpen your skills. Or maybe you want a break from building widgets and want to spend some time making things that really matter.

Sounds like a fantastic way for a few good (or even a whole lot of) Pythonistas to make a big difference in many citizens' lives!

You’d better hop to it, though - the deadline for applying to the Fellowship is this Friday, July 13th. Email [email protected] if you have any questions and we’ll direct you to the contact person for this opportunity.

By Esther Nam