Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner

March 29, 2012 | Tag: » events

Ed. note The most recent Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner was Python-themed, and hosted by Yelp. Many thanks to Lynn for letting us repost this article from her blog! Lynn is starting up the SF Chapter of PyLadies, so drop her a line if you’re interested in joining!

I had the pleasure of attending last night’s Girl Geek dinner at Yelp’s headquarters. The event was about empowering women by hearing their success stories.

Three of the speakers were not strangers to me, odd enough! Christine from PyLadies in LA spoke about increasing involvement of women in the Python community. And of course, spreading the Pyladies ingenuity to San Francisco with the help of yours truly!

Kaitlyn Trigger of, a valentine overlay to instagram photos, spoke as well. I had the fortunate opportunity to invite her to one of my Women Who Code python workshop nights. I loved her message that one can not learn how to code by herself; it takes a village!

Lastly, Sasha of Women Who Code gave a great talk on how she starting the group, and her motivation behind it. Too bad she’s now in NYC :-/

I would highly recommend attending a Girl Geek dinner in the future!

By Lynn Root