PyLadiesCon - CfP Workshop

Cheuk Ting Ho

August 17, 2023 | Tag: » Conference, Global, PyLadies

PyLadiesCon - CfP Workshop

Have you heard of the PyLadiesCon? Do you want to speak there but don’t know how to do it? What is a call for proposal and what do you need to submit? Worry not, we will have a CfP (Call for Proposal) workshop for new speakers who have not done it before.

In the workshop, via some exercises, we will help you to find something you want to talk about and start drafting a very rough proposal as a start.

Time and Date

There will be two workshops but the content covered will be the same:

Workshop 1 - Date: 29th Aug 2023 - Time: 10:00 UTC - Venue: online

Workshop 2 - Date: 4th Sep 2023 - Time: 17:00 UTC - Venue: online


Fill in the registration form here

*The workshops above will be mainly conducted in English. However, if you are not comfortable with speaking in English, you can still fill in the form and let us know which other languages you prefer. We will see if we can accommodate you.