A PyLadies-packed PyCon 2015

Lynn Root

March 23, 2015 | Tag: » PyCon

Want to pack your PyCon schedule with PyLadies events? Here are all the details!

For easier calendaring (is that a word?), we’ve made a public Google calendar that you all can follow: XML or iCal. It will be updated in case anything changes, too.

PyLadies Cocktail Mixer with Twitter

Day: Thursday, April 9th Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm RSVP?: Required - details below Location: Santos (5 minute walk from conference center)

Kick off PyCon with a friendly cocktail hour with PyLadies and Twitter!

RSVP via EventBrite!! Spots limited!

PyLadies Booth


Where: Expo hall, Montreal Convention Center RSVP?: None

Stop by the PyLadies booth at PyCon to meet chapter organizers, grab stickers, and pick up an especially-made-for-PyCon PyLadies t-shirt (sold by donation)!

PyLadies Auction

When: Saturday, April 11th, 6:30pm Where: Room 516, Montreal Convention Center RSVP?: Required

Come check out the 3rd annual PyLadies charity auction! All proceeds go towards PyLadies' fundraising for financial aid next year’s PyCon.

$5 cover charge - sign up via your PyCon registration, or at the door!

Want to donate an item for auction? Shoot Lynn an email.

PyLadies Lunch

When: Sunday, April 12th, 12pm Where: Room 516, Montreal Convention Center RSVP?: Required: Be sure to sign up here!

Thanks to the generous support of the PSF and the conference, PyLadies will be having a luncheon for the women at PyCon! Join us for a free lunch and meet your fellow women Pythonistas! RSVP via EventBrite!

Open Spaces

When: TBD Where: Various conference locations RSVP?: None

Open spaces are a way for people to come together to talk about topics, ideas, or whatever they want. Any subject that two or more attendees want to talk about is a candidate for an Open Space. Just show up if you want to attend! More information about open spaces can be found here.

PyLadies GPG Key Signing Open Space

When: 6-7pm - targeting Sunday afternoon Where: Room 512BF RSVP?: None

This year we’re trying something new: A GPG Key Signing Open Space. This will be open to everyone. We will have how-tos for the very beginner of GPG key signings and how to use PGP encryption. Not sure what GPG is? Read up a little here.

Be sure to follow @pyladies and our calendar (linked above) for updates on when/where the open space will be!

PyLadies Sprint

When: Monday April 13th - 16th Where: TBD RSVP?: None

Another new “event”! This year, PyLadies will host a sprint on all things related to PyLadies, including our website, kit, and Python package. This is great for folks of all levels of programming experience wanting to contribute to PyLadies.

Be sure to follow @pyladies and our calendar (linked above) for updates on which room(s) the sprint will be!

More information about sprints at PyCon can be found here.