PyLadiesCon - CFP Outreach Kit (English)


September 03, 2023 | Tag: » Conference, Global, PyLadies

PyLadiesCon CFP Outreach Kit (English)

Dear PyLadies organizers, members, and supporters,

We need your help in spreading the news of PyLadiesCon. You, as one of our organizers, members, and supporters, can help in reaching out to individuals who could be a great speaker for the conference, and who might not have heard of the conference. Your connection and introduction will help make our conference great.

We encourage you to invite potential speakers to submit a talk to PyLadies Conference, this could be:

  • Someone who have given talks at your event or an event that you attended (i.e another conference)
  • Someone who showed interest in giving a talk
  • Someone who has not given a talk but you know they’ve done interesting work/project that is worth sharing

You can help us in a variety of ways:

1. Reach out to individuals by sending them an email or private message.

Use your own wordings, or feel free to use one of the following:

Hi {name}, we’re looking for a speaker at the first PyLadiesCon. Your talk {example talk} was really interesting. Can you submit your talk here?

Hi {name}, would you be interested in giving a talk at PyLadiesCon? Please submit a proposal here

Hi {name}, PyLadiesCon is looking for speakers, and I think you’d be great for it. Check it out here:

Hi {name}, I saw your blog post/project about {something}. I think it would be a good talk idea for PyLadiesCon. Can you submit it as a talk?

2. Share news about PyLadiesCon CFP on social media (Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Instagram, Facebook, etc).

Re-share the following posts:

3. Connect potential speakers with one of our conference organizers

If you have contact info of speaker we should invite, please share it with us via email:

Our members and program committee will be happy to help answer questions about PyLadies, the conference, and the talk proposal itself. Please ask them to write to with any questions.

At any time, if you yourself have any questions about the conference and the CFP, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the conference organizers. We are available on Slack, or through email:

Additional info

Relevant links to share:

Our social media handles are:

When posting on social media, use the hashtags:

  • #PyLadies
  • #PyLadiesCon
  • #ThePSF