Important PyLadies Update

Lorena Mesa

August 15, 2019 | Tag: » Global, Organizing, PyCon, PyLadies

Important PyLadies Update

As PyLadies enters its ninth year, we’re taking steps to refresh PyLadies' online presence and introduce a new approach to how PyLadies will manage itself globally.

To help us get the ball rolling, we have some news below to share and some action items we need you to complete. Please also share this email with your co-organizers.

Chapter Update

Our PyLadies chapter directory has gone stale and we need to know if you are still organizing! If you are a chapter organizer, please check your PyLadies chapter email address. if you don’t see an email titled “Important PyLadies Update”, please email

Where to stay in touch

When PyLadies began, we setup a few places to communicate online including IRC and Google Groups. As of September 15, 2019 we will be retiring these communities and encourage all our members to join us on the PyLadies Slack! You can sign up at:

When you sign up introduce yourself in the #introductions channel and if you are an organizer you can ping @mariatta, @lorenanicole, or @elaine to be added to our private #organizers channel.

New GitHub repository for PyLadies resources!

PyLadies has created a repository where you can submit your chapter resources from talks and workshops you’ve ran! All submitted materials will be free to reuse for your chapter to use and draw inspiration for. When using material created by others, remember to attribute the creator as outlined in the resource materials.

Have more questions? Consult the repository README or open an issue! We also have a #chapter-resources Slack channel.

PyLadies is creating a global governance model and we need your input!

After consulting with a group of international PyLadies organizers and stakeholders at PyCon USA 2019, PyLadies has decided to take steps to develop a global governance model. We’re looking for comments and feedback on the model, inspired by R-Ladies, which you can read on GitHub here. We will be accepting comments until September 15, 2019 11:59:59pm Anywhere on Earth.

This proposal only captures the structure for the global governance model. Who will be active in this group and how we will select that group will be determined after the request for comment period has passed.

Looking to keep up to date with the interim PyLadies global workgroup?

Every month an interim working group focusing on the global PyLadies community meets every second Wednesday of the month. All notes can be found on the PyLadies global repo in the monthly issues and will be posted in #feed-global-minutesin Slack. Have something you want to add to the next meeting? We invite you to add your notes to next month’s (and all future months) agenda!

Thank you PyLadies! We’re thrilled to continue PyLadies work into the future and welcome all feedback!

PyLadies Interim Global Team:

  • Rachell Calhoun (@rachell)
  • Katia Lira (@katia)
  • Lorena Mesa (@lorenanicole)
  • Mariatta Wijaya (@mariatta)
  • Carol Willing (@willingc)
  • Elaine Wong (@elaine)