Jessica McKellar to be Keynte speaker at DjangoCon Europe!

May 17, 2012 | Tag: » Announcements, DjangoCon

[Originally posted on the DjangoCon Europe blog. Thanks Jonas for letting us repost here! DjangoCon Europe 2012 will go from June 4-June 8 in Zurich, Switzerland.]

By Jonas Obrist

I am really excited to announce our second keynote speaker for DjangoCon Europe 2012 - Jessica McKellar.

Jessica is a kernel engineer from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She’s a maintainer of several open source Python projects, most notably Twisted and OpenHatch. She’s also working on a new edition of Twisted Networking Essentials for O'Reilly.

On top of her open source contributions, she is also a Python Software Foundation board member and a crucial part in the Boston Python User Group, the largest Python user group in the world. With that group she runs the Boston Python Workshop, an introductory programming pipeline that has brought hundreds of women into the local Python community and is being replicated in cities across the US.

By Esther Nam