Django Workshop and Hackathon

July 12, 2011 | Tag: » Events

The PyLadies are continuing their summer series of hackathons with a Django-themed day on July 23rd, hosted by venue sponsor  Mahalo in Santa Monica. This time, we’re teaming up with the awesome  LA Django Meetup Group, who have valiantly supported our efforts to increase diversity by providing mentors like  Jacob and Jeff.



The Django web framework  is a great way to dive into Python while quickly building and deploying a simple and useful web application (like this blog, or even  a whole startup!), which is why beginners are highly encouraged to attend.

Participants will begin by going through the  Django Tutorial under the expert tutelage of PyLadies developers. In the afternoon, attendees are encouraged to hack away on their own projects.

As at the previous hackathon in Hollywood, mentors will be available throughout the day to help people on their individual projects and to answer any questions or resolve issues.

Like always, there will be a final hour of lightning talks (if you’ve attended our previous events, now might be a good time to consider presenting something yourself!). And of course there will a social hour following the event which is open to the whole Python community and its extended circles. You know how we love to party!

To register for this low-cost workshop (which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner), visit For more information, email esther @ pyladies dot com.

P.S. Many thanks to the Python Software Foundation for their generous support!

By Esther Nam