PyCon 2014 Call for Proposals is open

Jessica McKellar

July 16, 2013 | Tag: » Conferences, Events, PyCon

The PyCon 2014 call for proposals is open, and we want to see talk submissions from you!

PyCon 2014 Montreal logo

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the Python community. It is a volunteer-run, supportive, happy, diverse conference for people of all programming backgrounds, from beginning to advanced Pythonistas and for professional and hobbyist programmers alike. The conference has tutorials, talks, poster sessions, development sprints, and more.

PyCon is in beautiful Montreal in April of 2014. Need help getting to PyCon? No problem: the conference has a robust financial aid problem (and the best way to ensure assistance is to be giving a talk).

Talks are 30 or 45 minutes long. Beginners can give talks. Hobbyists can give talks. You, yes you, would give a great talk on something that excites you about Python. Proposals are due by September 15th.

Check out:

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the talk list from last year and some of last year’s talk titles:

  • Using Python To Generate Art And Sound
  • PyNES: Python programming for Nintendo 8 bits.
  • Iteration & Generators: the Python Way
  • How Import Works
  • Lessons Learned in Teaching Python
  • Porting Django apps to Python 3
  • Crypto 101
  • Teaching with the IPython Notebook
  • Copyright and You
  • Who’s there? - Home Automation with Arduino/RaspberryPi
  • SimpleCV - Computer Vision using Python
  • Visualizing Github
  • Kivy: Building GUI and Mobile apps with Python
  • Scrapy: it GETs the web
  • Funding and Coordinating Python Projects via Non-Profits
  • Messaging at Scale at Instagram
  • How the Internet Works

A project you’ve been working on, a fun library, a cool language feature, how you use Python at work: these are all good talk opportunities.

Pick a topic and get started!