pip install pyladies

Lynn Root

April 18, 2014 | Tag: » handbook

At PyCon this year, I had the pleasure of announcing pip install pyladies.

Yes! You really can install a PyLadies package! It’s available on PyPI, with the handbook portion available on Read the Docs.

The pyladies package contains all that a PyLady needs to start her own local PyLadies:

  • Complete handbook that walks through how to start a PyLadies group,
  • A script that launches the handbook, with more functionality slated to be added, including:
    • Interactive script to submit initial interest form,
    • Interactive script to submit final registration form,
    • Tools to admins to interact with Twitter and Meetup APIs,
  • Workshop materials for ideas and blueprints to run events,
  • Images and other assets for swag printing, global and local logos, etc.

This is the bare minimum for a shippable viable product - so issues/ideas and pull requests are welcomed!!