PyLadies @ PyCon 2014

March 27, 2014 | Tag: » events, pycon

PyLadies Activities at PyCon 2014 in Montréal

So many happenings! Add these PyLadies events to your schedule! Or bookmark this quick reference link.

PyLadies Mixer

When: 7:30PM Thursday, April 10 Where: 5 minute walk from conference venue (location details given to lottery winners)

Kick off PyCon with a friendly cocktail hour with PyLadies and Twitter! Sign up to enter the lottery before the end of day Sunday, March 31st to attend the #PyLadiesMixer, taking place in Montreal on April 10th!

PyLadies Booth

When: Thursday evening; Friday and Saturday 10AM-5PM Where: Expo hall, Montreal Convention Center

Be sure to visit the PyLadies booth at PyCon to grab a PyLadies sticker and get a PyLadies shirt (sold by donation).

PyLadies Auction

When: 6:30PM Saturday, April 12 Where: Room 710B, Montreal Convention Center

PyCon: Last year, PyLadies held its first auction at PyCon in Santa Clara and raised over $10,000. This year, we have the audacity to do it again! Come with thick wallets or your employer’s credit card and bid on items contributed by OpenStack, Spotify, Rackspace, Facebook, the Python Software Foundation, Numerical Algorithm Group, and more! More information can be found here.

PyCon Lunch with PyLadies

When: 12:00PM Sunday, April 13 Where: Room 516, Montreal Convention Center

Thanks to the generous support of the PSF, PyLadies will be having a luncheon for women on the third day of the conference! Join PyLadies for a free lunch and meet your fellow women Python developers. RSVP via Eventbrite and more information can be found on the PyCon site.

Open Spaces

Where: Various PyCon locations

Open spaces are a way for people to come together to talk about topics, ideas or whatever they want. Any subject that two or more attendees want to talk about is a candidate for an Open Space. Just show up if you want to attend! There are manyplanned open space meetups (as well as ad-hoc ones, too!). Here are a few highlighted ones:

To our Sponsors: THANK YOU

The following companies stepped up in a big, big way to help increase diversity at PyCon. We are so encouraged by their support.