DjangoCon Sponsorship Program

September 05, 2011 | Tag: » DjangoCon, Sponsors

Announcing the results of the PyLadies' DjangoCon Sponsorship Program.

$4250 was raised, with 100% of it going to making it possible for female Django developers to attend DjangoCon.  Specifically, excited and passionate developers who would not otherwise have attended (who happen to be women).

Here is a breakdown of how the money was used.  For more details about this, see our PyLadies / DjangoCon US 2011 Sponsorship Program financial report (PDF download).


Thank you to the individuals and companies who sponsored the program:

Gold ($3000+)



Silver ($500+)

Steve Holden / The Open Bastion

Open Bastion

Bronze ($150+)

Douglas Philips

Supporter ($50+)

Justin and Kristy Fields

Shawn Milochik

By Audrey Roy