SF PyLadies First Workshop

May 21, 2012 | Tag: » Events

Ed. note: This post about the first San Francisco PyLadies chapter’s workshop is copied straight from Lynn’s personal blog (with Lynn’s generous permission – thanks!)]

What a blast I had on Saturday! It was a great learning experience for both the attendees and for us PyLadies org board! Good lessons learned, such as virtualenv is a beast to install depending on one’s operating system. Next time, we’ll have a pre-workshop session for installation of dependencies and such.

We went through how to build a blog using Django and its class-based views. We also went over Model-View-Controller concepts, and how they apply to Django. We wrapped up with a quick overview of how easy it is to deploy an application on Heroku (way too easy!).

I’ve made a GitHub repo for people to fork & contribute. I didn’t find an easily accessible tutorial for building a blog, or for building a simple app using Django’s class views, so hopefully this will grow to something useful in the Django community. Til next time!

By Esther Nam