Workshop Planning Session

May 10, 2012 | Tag: » Events

On May 8, 2011, six of the PyLadies got together at Intelligentsia Coffee in Pasadena.  It was really great to see everyone!  Sadly Jess was out of town attending Google I/O, otherwise we would have had seven of us.


This was mostly a planning session for the workshop, where we divided up the remaining tasks among us:

  • Send out a pre-workshop email to attendees.  Invite anyone who has setup problems to come early for extra help - Audrey
  • Show up on Sunday at 8:30am to help people who need extra setup help.  Make sure tables/chairs are properly arranged - Katharine, Sandy, Sophia
  • Show up on Sunday by 9am to greet attendees: check in, ask if vegetarian/vegan - Esther, Christine, Jess, Audrey
  • Follow up with KPCC about the venue.  Check whether they have whiteboards - Audrey
  • Bring backup whiteboards from home - Sandy, Esther
  • Bring large paper from home - Sophia, Audrey
  • (If needed - tbd) pick up 2 large easels from office supply store - Sandy
  • Bring bagels/spread, cups, plates.  Bring projector, 2 24" LCD monitors, power strips, printer, label paper for nametags - Audrey
  • Bring extra laptops - Katharine, Audrey
  • Print 3 signs (on 8.5x11 paper) for each breakout session: Debugging, Django, Web Scraping - Sandy
  • Put together 10-20 min Why Python overview talk for the start of the workshop - Christine
  • Put together 2 hr Web Scraping breakout session material - Katharine, Esther
  • Review Django poll tutorial for 2 hr Django breakout session - Christine, Sophia
  • Review How to Think Like a Computer Scientist for 2 hr Debugging breakout session - Sandy, Audrey
  • Be available as a “floater” to whichever breakout session needs help most during the event - Jess
  • Put together 5 min lightning talks.  Katharine: web frameworks. Sophia: Java/Python code sample case study showing differences. Sandy: generators.  Esther: generating docs (Sphinx?).  Christine: tbd (possibly showing how to set up or other cms). Audrey: tbd (possibly PIL/PyCairo drawing). Jess: tbd.
  • Move organizer discussions to private Google Group - Audrey
  • Create Mailchimp announce list and Google Group discussion list for attendees, potential members, friends - Audrey
  • Create a Google Forms survey that gets sent out on Sunday at 3:30pm to attendees - Katharine
  • Send out a Thank You email after the event - Audrey
  • Email other user groups about co-hosting an afternoon/evening hack session in mid/late June - Audrey
  • Ask Danny and Grant for help with picking up lunch and ice cream - Sophia, Audrey
  • Bring nice camera - Jess
  • Ask photographer friends for photo or video help (even if just stopping by for 30 min) - Sophia, Sandy
  • Get organizer t-shirts printed - Audrey

Wow, that’s a lot of tasks!  If you’re reading this and want to help, email me at [email protected] and let me know what you can help with, whether it’s on this list or not.  We can always use more help.

Also, we talked about some of the fun things we want to do together in the future:

  • More ladies' nights for just us :)
  • Follow-up hack session where people bring laptops and code together - afternoon/evening of June 18?
  • Get a PyLadies car or two full of people and drive to LayerOne security conference in Anaheim on May 28-29, 2011 (\$100 online; $140 at door)
  • Road trip to Las Vegas for DEF CON August 4-7, 2011 ($150, paid at door)
  • Take a train to Portland for DjangoCon, Sept 6-8, 2011.  Hopefully all the Django ladies will submit talks!
  • Go “on tour” for a weekend and do a San Diego women’s workshop
  • Set up the PyCon 2012 PyLadies bus to Santa Clara, March 7-15, 2012, with wifi, snacks, drinks

Esther, Sophia, and Christine at PyLadies meetup Katharine and Sandy at PyLadies meetup

By Audrey Roy