Announcing the Inaugural PyLadies Global Council

Lorena Mesa

September 21, 2020 | Tag: » Global, Organizing, PyLadies

Announcing the Inaugural PyLadies Global Council

We’re thrilled to announce the results for the inaugural PyLadies Global Council!

The Global Council has 9 seats, including 6 seats selected by public election with a 2 year service commitment and 3 seats selected by application with a 1 year service commitment. Additionally the Council has a diversity and inclusion requirement that sets a maximum of 3 seats to be filled by members from the same counry of residence.

The inaugural Council members include:

  • Ana Cecília Vieira Silva (Brazil) - 2 year term
  • Juliana Ferreira Alves (Brazil) - 2 year term
  • Ana Valeria Calderón Briz (México) - 2 year term
  • Jessica Upani (Namibia) - 2 year term
  • Lynn Root (United States of America) - 2 year term
  • Tania Allard (United Kingdom) - 2 year term
  • Sarah Adigwe (Nigeria) - 1 year term
  • Marie-Louise Annan (United Kingdom) - 1 year term
  • Reshama Shaikh (United States of America) - 1 year term

Election Summary

The public election results have been computed and if you voted, you can use your Helios ID and password to view the results here. Below is a summary of the election.

Votes Cast

Candidate Votes Received
Ana Cecília Vieira Silva 140
Ana Valeria Calderón Briz 102
Jessica Upani 95
Juliana Ferreira Alves 123
Lynn Root 90
Olga Berezovsky 67
Sayantika Banik 85
Tania Allard 87
Tereza Iofciu 64

436 ballots were sent out of which 192 votes were cast, amounting for 44.03% voter turn out.

Voting by Country

Country Number Votes
Brazil 80
Unknown (* No local chapter or PyLadies Remote) 36
United States of America 29
Mexico 7
Germany 6
India 6
Canada 4
Ghana 4
Australia 4
United Kingdom 4
Uganda 3
Nigeria 2
Sweden 2
Spain 1
Guatemala 1
Colombia 1
Ireland 1
Thailand 1

Voting by Voting Member’s Preferred Language

Language Number Votes
English 100
Portuguese 77
Spanish 14
French 1

Application Summary

For seats selected by applications, 7 applications were received and reviewed by 5 PyLadies organizers including: Mariatta Wijaya (PyLadies Vancouver), Débora Azevedo (PyLadies Brazil), Niharika Krishnan (PyLadies Chennai), Annemarie Paul (Pyladies Hamburg, Mariana Dias Guilardi (PyLadies São Paulo). All applications were anonomiyzed by election coordinator Lorena Mesa before being sent for review.

Based on the votes provided, the third seat resulted in a tie between two applications. The tie was broken using the script:

python -n 1 \
-c "Name of applicant 1" \
"Name of application 2" 
['Reshama Shaikh']


For any questions regarding the PyLadies Global Council selection contact the election coordinator Lorena Mesa at [email protected].